Saturday, 12 March 2016

White Goth

I think I have found my new style. For a few months now I have been looking for a style that was an elegant goth style but had colours such as light pink and white. I discovered a sub style of goth called White Goth. It can be any style of goth but instead of black the outfits are white. 

To be honest, I really love this idea of the style. I love big crosses and other religious symbols. Also, it would be easy to add in pastel pink pieces without looking like a total weirdo (a little weirdo is good though). 

Imagine looking like a white angel of death! AWESOME!!! I hope this isn't another one of those substyles that I love to death but I am to scared to try because of school and friends etc. My plan is to see what I have in my closet and see if there is any white goth outfits I can create. Then from their I will wear the style for a few weeks and if I like it I will order stuff online specifically for the style. 

Unfortunaly, when you type "white goth" into google images or pinterest, not a lot of topics appear. This makes me a little worried. 

Anyways! I will come later to give you an update of my white goth attempts and style. ~ The Kawaii Vampire

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  1. That sounds super cool! And it looks really cool! I doubt anyone would make fun of you for it, as it looks very put together and tumblr-ish.