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Intro to my Blog

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                                ~Why did I create this blog?~

I guess I should start of about why I have created this blog and what I am planning to blog about. First off,I created this blog because I want to improve my writing and what is better then to write about stuff I am passionate about. Also, I have a love for alternative fashion. Fashion such as Goth, Pastel Goth, Emo etc. I have a even greater love for Japanese alternative fashion, anything from Lolita to Visual Kei. From Decora to Otome Kei. Fairy Kei to Dolly Kei. You name the Japanese sub style, I will probably be fascinated with it and have already have spent hours on pinterest and youtube looking for how wearers of such style wear it.

japan street style via

Photo Credit: (Ivett Horvath)

The start of my love started back in December of 2014. One day I was looking for fashion on pinterest (link to my pinterest at bottom of page) when these images kept appearing. The images said something a long the lines of "Lolita" and then "Tumblr" so I assumed, because I didn't really know how Tumblr worked at that time, that there was a popular blogger on Tumblr who posted these lovely dresses with giant bows. 

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The first ever Lolita photo I had seen that made
me fall in love with the fashion.

Photo: theheianprincess.tumblr

I only discovered that Lolita was a fashion and not a person was when I was scrolling through my suggestion box on Youtube about three days later. The video was titled "Why Lolita is Called Lolita" by the channel, Deerstalkers Pictures 2. This video went into great detail, which was perfect for me, who knew next to nothing about Lolita fashion. After that I probably spent an hour on Youtube watching videos of this new fashion I had found. 
Why is Lolita Called Lolita? [Kawaii Fashion School ...

Video: (Deerstalker Pictures 2)

Living in Canada, I had heard of alternative fashion such as Goth, Emo and Scene but I have never heard of a fashion that wasn't, how I would discribe as "Hardcore". I have nothing wrong with these fashion (I'll probably blog about this fashion in a later time) but they weren't really me. Lolita was a cute style that I felt like it was a way that I could express cute myself. The only problem is that, unlike goth, you can't wear it school or work or walking down the street without getting weird looks from strangers. 

This made me do research on other fashions that weren't so OTT (over the top) but still "Kawaii" (Japanese word for cute). I came across sub styles such as Gyaru and Otome Kei but it didn't have the bell shaped skirt that I love about Lolita. Some of my close friends who know about my love for Japan and fashion suggest I wear Pastel Goth, a fashion that (at least in Canada) isn't seen as weird. But still I don't think I can be a Pastel Goth because there is some elements that I don't like. For example the upside down crosses and references to Satan or other demonic creatures. I have nothing wrong with people who like these things but I am very superstitious person who has had a lot of paranomal experiences who is afraid of demons so I am not willing to joke about Satan or other dark creatures. 

So I am basicly stuck to looking at photos on the web wthout being able to wear these clothes in real life.

The point of this blog is to help me explore the world of alternative fashion and to hopefully help me figure out my fashion personality.

As always, feedback is always welcome. ~The Kawaii Vampire

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