Monday, 25 January 2016

Dolly Kei

                                      ~Dolly Kei~ 

First off, I am sorry for not posting in a long while but I have been studying for my exams so blogging has been kind of on the backburner for the past few weeks. Also, I had to create a blog for an english project reviewing the book Me, Earl and The Dying Girl. So that blog was slightly more important then this one. I ended up getting a 100% on that project but that is beside the point.

Dolly Kei is a fashion I have only recently known about for the past few months. The Japanese altenative fashion is focused German fairy tales such as Hansel and Gretel, Snow White etc.  

The style is similar to Mori Kei in looks. The styles can be overlapped. But what makes Dolly Kei different from Mori Kei is that with Dolly Kei the wearer usually try to mimic one character from a fairytale, Usually a grim fairy tale.

                   ~How to make a Dolly Kei Outfit~

Unlike Lolita fashion, Dolly kei does NOT have strict rules. But there a many elements that appear in many Dolly Kei Outfits. 

1. Woodland Animal prints. 

Often dresses that can be used for Fairy Kei have prints that feature animals such as deer, mice and owls, but of course many other woodland creatures can be seen. 

2.Use Colours such as Brown, Red and Green

Many Dolly Kei outfits use darker colours that can be found in a forest. Most commonly these colours are Brown, Red and Green but I have also seen outfits incorporating colours such as Blue and Black! Hey, maybe in a few years, Dark Dolly Kei will become a thing on the streets of Harajuku. 

3. Fur

Fur is a common theme for Dolly kei. Fur can be added on to anything from collars to boots to bags. 

4. Layers. 

Dolly kei is all about layer different prints, colours and patterns. Don't be afraid to layer skirts on top of each other or sweaters under one or two coats. 

5. If you are a fan of Angelic Pretty...

Recently, Lolita Clothing Brand Angelic Pretty released a print called "Classic Fairy Tales". This print freatures animals such as deer and has many woodland plants as well. This print is avaible in one pieces, Jumper Skirts and skirts. Colours offered are Green, Blue, Red and Brown. The photo below shows the "Classic Fairy Tale" Jumper Skirt in Green. 

It is fairly difficult to find information on this substyle because it is so new to the streets on Tokyo, but fortunely there is almost zero rules to this fashion. Making it easy for people who already own pieces from either Mori or Lolita styles to turn them into a Dolly Kei Outfit. My advice is to just find what you like best and have fun.

Love, ~ The Kawaii Vampire

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